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Booklets for People in Interfaith Relationships

For interfaith couples, lesbian and gay Jews, Jews by Choice, multicultural Jews and all who are curious about Judaism and Jewish culture, our booklets on Jewish Holidays and Culture and Jewish Life Cycle Events.

Jewish Holidays and Culture

Shabbat Made Easy






Shabbat - Synagogue





Havdalah Made Easy





  High Holy Days: the Basics Cover




Celebrating the High Holy Days with Kids




  Sukkot and Simchat Torah: the Basics







  Tu Bishvat: the greening of Judaism










Setting The Passover Table Made Easy











Mezuzahs: What's on the Door?






Goodnight, Sleep Tight










Jewish Life Cycle Events


Brit Bat








Bar & Bat Mitzvah for the interfaith family





Weddings for the Interfaith Couple





Conversion to Judaism: frequently asked questions




   Mourning the loss of a Jewish loved one




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