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Resource Center for Jewish Clergy

Welcome to InterfaithFamily’s online resource center for rabbis and cantors. Below you’ll find a range of resources intended to support you in your work with interfaith families. We created some of the resources, but many were created and shared by your colleagues in the field. As we approach the High Holy Days, we have a new welcoming greeting for Erev Rosh Hashanah services that you are welcome to use!

We have several wedding resources for clergy:
Here we have a variety of resources:

Birth and adoption

 Death & Mourning
CemetaryRead about:
 B'nai Mitzvah
Online and printable b’nai mitzvah resources:

B'nei mitzvah


Synagogue policies & best practices including examples from the field:

More Resources

Resources by rabbis and cantors exemplifying their thinking and creativity (coming soon!):




Hebrew for "commandment," it has two meanings. The first are the commandments given in the Torah. ("You should obey the mitzvah of honoring your parents!") The second is a good deed. ("Helping her carry her groceries home was such a mitzvah!") The elevated area or platform in a synagogue, from which Torah is read. Worship service leaders, such as clergy, may lead services from the bimah as well.
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